A woman pleaded guilty Thursday morning to murdering a Cobb County college student.

Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge was at the Carroll County courthouse where a 9 a.m. hearing was held for 30-year-old Farrah Strength. Strength entered a guilty plea to malice murder and false imprisonment.

Strength was charged in the strangling death of University of West Georgia student Marcelle Elliot, 21. Elliot drove to Strength’s house near the school when she was killed in July. Her body was found at a swamp a few miles away.

“I am deeply sorry 100 percent at your loss,” Strength said in tears to the Elliot family. “I would do anything in the world to take it back and go back. She was a very wonderful person, a beautiful girl.”

Elliot’s father expressed his grief in a statement to the court.

“We all have trials in life, but probably none is more emotionally damaging than losing a child. It violates the natural cycle of life. Children are supposed to bury their parents. Parents should never have to bury their children,” he said.

Strength’s attorney said she decided to accept the plea offer made by the prosecution Friday. She faces life in prison with the possibility of parole.