Many websites require users to verify their age before they can use the site or to register. In order to have a Facebook account, for example, users must be thirteen years of age or older. However, as the parents of many Facebook-using children can attest, it is no real challenge for underage people to sign up for Facebook or other websites. Just change the year you were born by a few years and you’re in! How, then, can websites verify the age of their users? Via Futurelawyer I see that one website has found a creative way to do so — by forcing users to identify now-obsolete items that only people of a certain age are likely to recognize. Here’s one such example: Let’s see you identify that, 11-year-olds!! Here are a few other challenges I’d pose to test age: 1. To make sure a person is over 18 years old: 2. To make sure a person is over 30 years old: (Answers: A roll of film; the video game “Pong”)