Vandals have targeted a Bartow County mosque with rocks twice this month, police said.

Each time, someone shattered doors and windows of the Islamic Center of Cartersville with painted rocks, causing extensive damage to the storefront religious center. The most recent attack happened on April 12.

Mosque member Amjad Taufique told Channel 2’s Jeff Dore the rocks were painted with a message. “One displayed a Star of David. One said ‘Muslim murderers.’” Taufique said.

The Islamic center has been open in Cartersville for about two years, and Taufique told Dore they’ve had no problems before.

“We’ve had good relationships with Jewish folks in the community, with Christian folks,” Taufique said.

“It really is frustrating and it is scary. Even while you are praying inside, you kind of have your mind constantly (asking), ‘Is somebody going to do something while people are inside?’” he said.

Cartersville police are investigating the vandalism, but the FBI has been asked to determine if the attacks fall under federal hate crime laws.