Picture: The New York Times

An Alaska Airlines flight made an emergency landing on Friday night when the window blew out mid-air traveling from Oregon to California.

During the incident on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, a teenager experienced his shirt being torn off and two passengers lost their iPhones due to the door plug blowing. A bystander attempted to assist in calming him down.

Following the occurrence of an emergency exit-sized breach on the side of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 at an altitude of 16,000 feet, a distinct episode of chaos ensued when the cockpit door unexpectedly swung open. Consequently, the pilots found themselves exposed to the thunderous wind and noise emanating from the rear of the aircraft, while also rendering the cockpit accessible to anyone with an inclination to attempt entry forcibly.

Federal authorities investigating the alarming midflight rupture of a section of an Alaska Airlines aircraft’s fuselage are analyzing the separated piece for insights into the events leading to the plane’s “explosive decompression.” The missing part was located in an Oregon backyard.

Additional information is surfacing about the detached fuselage “plug door” and its components. Both Alaska and United Airlines report discovering loose hardware on several of their Boeing 737 Max 9s, prompting nationwide grounding for inspections that has been in effect for several days.