Residents of a southeast Atlanta apartment complex are upset after they woke up to find their tires flattened early Tuesday.East Confederate Avenue was lined with 11 flat tires at the Tressle Tree apartments. Victims said the attack happened at about 2 a.m.Resident Kimberly Drone said she heard a hissing sound and saw a man and a woman knifing tire after tire outside. When she chased the pair down, she said, the woman turned the knife on her. Drone said her sons jumped in front of her, but police arrived and arrested the woman.

“She seemed like she was maybe high on something. I’m not sure, but my car has nothing to do with her being high,” Drone told Channel 2’s Amanda Cook.

Drone said the vandals said the attack was fueled by revenge, but their story didn’t make sense.

“They claimed they was robbed, but I didn’t rob them so why would you slash my tires? And I have to go to work and my job is not on the bus line,” Drone told Cook.

Police were looking for the suspect’s husband, who, they said, ran from the scene. He later approached Cook during her report, to speak as a witness to the crime. When a Channel 2 photographer recognized him as the man police were looking for, officers arrived and arrested him.