A car wreck is an unfortunate event that happens all too often. When involved in one, an individual should remember a few important things before calling an Atlanta car accident lawyer. By following these guidelines, one can make their case and the situation easier to handle by the attorney that they choose.

Never leave the wreck scene before all these steps are complete. This can lead to major criminal charges, especially if someone is seriously injured or killed. An exception to this rule is when an individual is alone in an unpopulated area. There have been reports of unscrupulous people causing minor accidents only to rob the other driver involved. When uncertain, one should continue on to the nearest police station and report the wreck.

Before inspecting vehicle damage, one should check all involved and make sure no one is hurt. If someone is injured, call an ambulance as soon as possible. Do not try to move anyone that has neck or back pain. Relocation can actually damage them more and make it harder on the responding paramedics.

Call the police if there are serious injuries or major vehicle damage. When the officers respond, be sure that they file an accurate report. The best way to ensure this is by writing down their names and badge numbers. This can also help the attorney investigate the situation later.

When checking on the passengers and drivers of the other automobiles, it is wise to exchange information as well. Get names and contact information from the passengers. From the drivers, also obtain license and plate numbers along with any insurance information. Be cordial and nice when dealing with the other people but never apologize. This can put an attorney in a difficult situation.

Following these simple guidelines can make a wreck an easier situation to handle. It can also help an Atlanta car accident lawyer when investigating the case. Be sure to remain calm and remember the steps involved to properly deal with an automobile collision.


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