Investigators believe an attack on a 13-year-old boy by teenagers at a shopping center is connected to other recent crimes in Forsyth County.

“It’s surprising. I wouldn’t expect it to be happening here,” said shopper Preeti Howlett.

The usually quiet and family friendly The Avenue in Cumming is now at the center of several criminal investigations that might be connected.

“Sounds like a bunch of kids got together and decided to make mayhem at The Avenue,” said Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Tim House.

The sheriff’s office says the most recent incident involved a 13-year-old boy who was beaten and robbed of his Gucci backpack outside a movie theater.

The teen was punched in the face without warning and repeatedly hit while on the ground, according to a police report. The attack sent him to the hospital.

“My understanding is he did receive cuts and abrasions from the assault,” House said.

Four teens — Roberto Basilio, Ayinde Woodley, Jason Riddle and Jose Sotero — are under arrest and face robbery, battery and theft charges. Two other juveniles could also be charged.

Investigators believe the six may be behind others crimes at The Avenue.

“One female was assaulted,” House said. “She was grabbed and another juvenile had a hat taken and when he tried to get it back, someone pulled what he thought was a pistol on him.”

Investigators say more charges are pending against the teens arrested.