New accusations were made at a Thursday separation hearing involving a man accused of killing a Dunwoody entrepreneur and sleeping with the victim’s wife.

Former GE supervisor Hemy Neuman, 48, is accused of killing Rusty Sneiderman, 36, outside a Dunwoody day care last November. Neuman’s wife, Ariela, is now looking to split with her husband of more than 20 years. She has accused Neuman of having an affair with his co-worker — Sneiderman’s wife, Andrea — and using the family’s money to conceal it.

“He is a liar … His word means nothing,” Ariela Neuman’s lawyer, Esther Panitch, said.

Ariela Neuman previously filed a court filing claiming her husband traveled with and wined and dined Andrea Sneiderman over his familial duties. In May, Panitch told Channel 2 Action News that the family has faced financial trouble since the arrest, and is several months behind on the mortgage of their home.

She pleaded with a judge for financial disclosure at Thursday’s hearing at the Fulton County Courthouse.

“I believe the district attorney has evidence of this infidelity, evidence of this waste of marital funds,” Panitch said.

Panitch has subpoenaed Dekalb County’s chief assistant prosecutor, Don Geary, seeking his criminal evidence for her case. Neuman’s attorney objected, saying the case is about marital assets, not his client’s alleged conduct. He called the rest a sideshow.

“We have agreed that any and all assets owned by my client should go to the petitioner,” Neuman’s attorney, Joseph Winter, said.

Andrea Sneiderman’s attorney also contended with Panitch’s requests. He wants a judge to prevent Panitch from questioning the grieving widow.

“Ms. Panitch has attempted to drag Ms. Sneiderman in her petition for separate maintenance for reasons which we believe are purely designed to be vindictive, to be oppressive, to embarrass and humiliate Ms. Sneiderman,” said Seth Kirschenbaum.

Kirschenbaum added that they are on the same team, in terms of the outcome of the trial. For the first time since issuing a statement calling Hemy Neuman a friend, Kirschenbaum said the widow wants Neuman to pay for his actions.

“No one on this earth wants Mr. Neuman convicted more than my client,” he said.