A standoff with a man holed up in a DeKalb County home has ended with the suspect being shot and killed, Channel 2 confirmed.

At 5:30 p.m., police said the man came outside and was engaged by a member of the SWAT team. He was then shot and killed by police, officials said.

Police said the suspect had fired shots at police officers earlier in the day.

It started just before 9 a.m. Friday when a neighbor called 911 saying one of his neighbors was firing shots at him on Warbler Drive.

When police arrived, they said the man declined medical attention. It is still unclear if the man was shot or grazed.

Police said when they arrived at the home, the man inside kept shooting his gun.

Investigators then called the SWAT team to the home and police used the reverse 911 system to warn neighbors what was going on.

People who live within a half-mile radius were told to stay inside their homes.

Schools in the area were also placed on lockdown.

Police said the man continued to fire shots at them.

“The shots are being fired from inside of that home, so we still have a perimeter set up,” DeKalb County police spokeswoman Mekka Parish said.

“I came outside and one of the police cars was open and they screamed out, ‘Shots fired, shots fired,’ and about 10 or 15 cars pulled off. The police cars pulled off going over toward the scene, so it was a pretty wild situation,” witness Ronnie Ingram said.

Negotiators tried for hours to make contact with the man and figure out what his motive was for the incident.