Police in Atlanta said they were searching for the people who carjacked a cab driver and then dump his car and ran.Investigators were called out to Chevron gas station at the corner of North Avenue and Northside Drive after a cab driver called 911 saying he had been attacked and had his car stolen.

Police said the Atlanta Lenox Taxi cab driver picked up people at the Omni Hotel downtown.

After the pickup, the people attacked the cabbie, hitting him in the head and dumped him near the intersection of North Avenue and Northside Drive.

The cabbie walked up to the gas station and called 911.

Detectives found the driver’s cab a couple of miles away, but the attackers had fled the scene.

“Whoever it is, we need to find who they are, and quick. And we need to get these individuals apprehended,” Sgt. Richard Straut with Atlanta police said.

Investigators released surveillance photos from the Omni Hotel showing what the attackers look like.

They are hoping someone will recognize the attackers so they can make an arrest.

The cab driver was taken to Grady Memorial with head wounds to be checked out.

Straut said the attackers will not get away with this.

“This is the kind of stuff that gives us, the city, a bad name. We don’t want these kind of individuals in the city. We’re gonna find them, and we’re going to put them in jail, Straut said.

Anyone with information in this attacked is asked to call 911.