A northwest Atlanta grocery store owner fought back after two break-ins early Wednesday, Atlanta police said.

The A&A Grocery store on Center Street was first broken into around 3 a.m., Atlanta police said. The robbers burglarized the store and left behind a hole in the rear cinderblock wall, police said.

The store owner arrived and temporarily covered the hole, Atlanta police Officer John Chafee said. Around three hours later, the owner heard noises coming from the hole, Chafee said. He said the owner walked back and saw someone forcing his way in.

Police have identified that man as Rafael Facors, 22.

Investigators said as Facors came through the hole, the owner shot him in the chest, Chafee said. The owner told police he saw Facors flee the store with another man. Chafee said police arrived and found a 23-year-old shot.

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He was taken to Grady Hospital and charged with burglary and criminal damage to property.

The store owner is not facing any charges.

“He ain’t done nothing wrong. I respect him,” customer Xavier Favors told Channel 2’s Michael Buczyner.