Someone stole a car from a Gwinnett County parking lot, but in the car was the victim’s grandmother’s ashes.

The theft happened April 23 at the Kroger grocery store on Singleton Road in Norcross.

Ebony Simpson said she was driving a black Nissan, Altima coupe.

“I know that the person didn’t know that was going on,” said Simpson.

She told Channel 2’s Erica Byfield she stopped in the supermarket after her 93-year-old grandmother’s memorial service in Tennessee.

“She’s like a mom. There is stuff that I told her before I told my mom,” she said.

Simpson said she was extremely close with her grandmother and that is why her family allowed her to bring her ashes back to Georgia.

She told Byfield she parked her car near the entrance of the store.

“I wasn’t even in the store five minutes,” she said.

Simpson believes someone stole her car keys out of her shopping cart when she reached for an item on one of the shelves.

When she checked out, she noticed her keys were missing.

“I ran outside and my car was gone,” Simpson said.

She is hoping the thief will realize the true value of the car they stole.

“Right now, my hopes are really slim. I understand that you committed a crime. I just hope that someone will have a heart,” said Simpson.

Gwinnett County police told Byfield that Simpson’s car is listed as stolen, but they have yet to assign a detective to case.