Sunday afternoon hundreds of police officers lined the way as the casket carrying Officer Buddy Christian passed by, with his grieving family following close behind.

The Athens-Clarke County police officer was shot and killed Tuesday.

Channel 2’s Tony Thomas said the funeral service was very emotional, but also very simple.

Slain Officer Laid To Rest

Hundreds of people attended the funeral held at the Athens Classic Center.

Athens Police Chief Joe Lumpkin nearly broke down as he talked about the eight year veteran.

“Elmer Christian was a perfect name for the man Buddy was,” Lumpkin said.

Christian died Tuesday afternoon, shot while investigating a carjacking.

Christian’s pastor, Randy Crowe, tried to address the anger many people have toward accused killer, Jamie Hood, now behind bars.

“Doesn’t he know the devastation that he has caused? Does he know what he has taken from this family and these friends?” asked Crowe.

This is the first Athens-Clarke County officer lost in a shooting since 1936.

Hundreds of people lined the streets as the casket carrying Christian preceded to the cemetery.

Thomas asked Athens resident Mike Waldrip what brought him to the funeral procession and he simply said, “Respect… Athens being the town that it is, it will shake it off and get our heads held high again, but today we bow.”


Images From Funeral For Officer Buddy Christian


Friends And Family Attend Visitation For Fallen Officer


Police Shooting Suspect Surrenders


Jamie Hood Surrenders To Police


Jamie Hood Surrenders On Live TV

The processional lasted more than 30 minutes with hundreds of police cars from across the southeast falling in line behind the fallen officer.

Saturday, friends and loved ones gathered for Christian’s visitation.

They told Channel 2 Action News they were still trying to cope with his death.

“It’s broke my heart. I just have cried. It’s broke my heart,” Jeanette Jones, a friend of Christian’s said. “We all loved him. Everybody loved Buddy, he was a wonderful person.”

The Bernstein Funeral Home in Athens was packed Saturday evening for Christian’s visitation.

Friends said it was one of three places he worked to provide for his family.

The eight year veteran of the Athens-Clarke County Police force was a deacon in his church; he taught Sunday school and was looking to get into the chaplains program with Athens PD.

“He was just a great guy and this is just a great a loss to our community,” Associate Pastor David Cloud said .

“I knew Buddy. We went to school together at the academy and I worked for three years at Athens-Clarke County. He was a good friend to me,” Officer C.D. Moody of the Comer Police Department said.

As they prepared to pay their final respects Sunday, many say they are relieved his accused killer is off the streets so the healing process can begin.

“So, now we can be with family, keep praying for them every day and keep praying for the officers,” Cloud said.