Pink hazmat posters and boarded up windows checker a Lilburn home, four months after a meth lab went up in flames, killing three children.Now neighbors on Spring Mill Drive tell Channel 2 Action News they want someone to take care of a house that is not only an eyesore but a painful memory.”I can’t get it out of my head you know, especially when i have to drive by this thing every day,” John Lease told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.Lease, a local carpenter who lives nearby, says he was returning home from work in February when he first saw the flames, then heard children screaming.

“I looked out and they were trapped up on the roof there. I grabbed my ladder, ran back and before I knew it I had a couple babies in my hands,” Lease said

Gwinnett County Police said materials used to make methamphetamine exploded inside the home. The three small children Lease and others tried to save died at the hospital. Police arrested two people, including the children’s mother, Neibi Brito. Officers are still searching for a third suspect, Ivan Gonzalez. In the neighborhood, residents are hunting for a solution to the abandoned home.

“It is frustrating to see it just sitting there,” resident Dawn Mccoy said. “I have a young daughter that says she’s scared. She doesn’t like going by the house because it’s scary.”

Nobody is local so it’s not real easy to just go hunt somebody down and write them a citation for not being in compliance,” said Cpl. Jake Smith of the Gwinnet County Police Department.

Smith said a quality of life officer is working with residents, the homeowner and the insurance company on the cleanup. He said, so far, the insurance company has cleared debris from the inside and boarded up the windows. They admit it’s been a slow process.

“Every day i deal with the memories of the babies,” Lease said.

Kavanaugh spoke to a woman on the phone Wednesday who claimed she was the former real estate agent for the home. She provided a phone number she claimed was for the owner in California. The number was disconnected.