Published: 11/22/2010 | Updated: 07/19/2023

ATLANTA — Atlanta police say two drivers were arrested after a road rage incident led to shots being fired on Interstate 285 Monday morning.

Officer K.Y. Jones of the Atlanta Police Department said there was an accident on I-285 southbound near the exit ramp to Highway 166 just after 8:30 a.m.Channel 2 Action News reporter Kerry Kavanaugh was at the scene and said that police said three vehicles were involved in the incident — a silver Lexus, a SUV and a Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Det. Scott Preistly of the Atlanta Police Department said the driver of the pickup truck and the driver of the Lexus were involved in a game of “cat and mouse” on I-285 that ended when the pickup truck driver pinned the Lexus driver into the wall. The SUV involved in the accident was not involved in the road rage issues, police said.After the crash, the driver of the Lexus got out and began shooting, police said.

The wife of the driver of the Lexus said the driver of the truck was trying to run her husband off the road. She told Kavanaugh that the truck driver appeared to be trying to “kill him.”Officers said no one was struck by the gunfire, but one motorist complained of shoulder pain so an ambulance was called to check them out.An officer at the scene said there were, “gun casings everywhere.”Police said the driver of the Lexus was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct. The driver of the pickup truck was arrested and charged with reckless conduct.Police said they do not know who started the incident. The investigation continues.

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