The search is on for the person who police said ambushed a man asleep in his own bed, by firing nearly a dozen shots into his trailer.

Hospital officials said Ivan Valadez, 22, was in stable condition after he was shot five times when someone opened fire on his trailer home.

Detectives said they hope Valadez can give them the information they need to figure out who did this to him.

A neighbor said the shots rang out around 7 a.m. Saturday at the Noon Day Mobile Home Park in Woodstock.

Cherokee County detectives said someone drove by firing nine or ten rounds into the bedroom of Valadez‘s trailer.

“Detectives are certainly looking at a gang angle, that’s possible. We don’t know at this time,” Deputy Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office told Channel 2’s Rebecca Lindstrom.

Baker said Valadez was home with his mother and sister when bullets hit him four times in the torso and once in the leg.

Police said no one got a look at the shooter.

“Detectives are going door to door speaking to residents here at Noon Day to see if they might have seen a vehicle or person. Not a lot to go on,” Baker said.

Neighbors describe the area as a peaceful, quiet neighborhood.

One neighbor said something provoked the shooting.

“There’s a motive for this happening. You don’t just go by and shoot in somebody’s trailer. There had to be something that was going on,” Neighbor Barbara Hein said.

Cherokee County detectives were able to get a description of the vehicle possibly involved in this shooting.

They said someone saw an early 2000 model black Ford F-150, side-step model pickup with black aftermarket wheels and round European tail lights.