Patrice Burnett is hoping and praying someone will return her 2-and-a-half-month-old pit bull safely.

“It was like so fast. It was like a snatch and grab,” Burnett said. “It was upsetting.”

On Sunday, Burnett’s dog, Lox, was on a chain in her front yard on Leeshire Trail in Tucker long enough to allow him to relieve himself.

“So I went in the house, like, for a split second I had just sat on the couch and I saw like, some kid walk into my yard,” Burnett said. “So I saw a silver car and a door closing and taking off. It happened so fast. Like, my heart dropped; it was like, really quick. I was like, ‘Did they really just take my dog?’ So I ran in the house, I grabbed my keys, I jumped in my car and I went running around like, racing up that way.”

But she did not find the car that sped off, nor did she find Lox. Burnett filed a police report and put up fliers all around her neighborhood, but still no Lox.

“It really sucks because they didn’t just take a dog, they took a little piece of me,” Burnett said. “A little piece, but a big piece.”

Lox is also a big piece for Burnett’s roommate Ashley Parker and the other household dog, Louie.

“Really be protective of your animals because they could be gone just like that,” Parker said.

A painful lesson learned. Burnett just has a message for the thief.

“He was really that awesome, so guess I don’t blame you, but I do,” Burnett said. “Just bring him back.”

Burnett said she is offering a cash reward for the safe return of her puppy.