If you have been in an accident which has led to an injury that wasn’t your fault in Atlanta, you would need the services of a great Atlanta personal injury lawyer to help with your case. But selecting a personal injury lawyer can be a tedious process because of the massive amounts of lawyers available to choose from.

This article would serve as a guide to help make the selection process of your personal injury lawyer easier. The following are some of the qualities of a great Atlanta personal injury lawyer to help with your cases.


It is essential to look for a lawyer who is always available when you need his or her services. The lawyer should not be too far away from where you are located so he or she can be able to get to you during an emergency. It is also crucial to select a lawyer that has great staff who are always willing to keep you informed about the progress of your case.

Also, ensure the lawyer doesn’t have too many clients at the time you are choosing him or her for their services as too many clients may result in limited time to meet up with your case demands which in turn leads to poor case planning.

Good Communicators

A great lawyer has to be remarkable at communicating. Asides from in the court but outside the court so as to ensure clients are always aware of the progress made pertaining his or her case at every turn. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer that is great at what he or she does will communicate with you clearly in a way that is easy to understand.


A great Atlanta personal injury lawyer should also be sincere and truthful with clients when talking about the case and possibility of settlement. The injury lawyer should be able to tell the client everything about the case and the likely direction it might head regardless of if it is good or bad.

This would ensure you do not go through unneeded situations and also give you the most appropriate advice in what to do next. The lawyer should also provide you with comprehensive solutions to the issues in your case.

Proven record of success

The reputation of the Atlanta personal injury lawyer is crucial in the selection process. When you hire a lawyer for your case, your intention is to win with the highest possible settlement you could attain.

It’s best to ask the lawyer for his previous cases and how they ended. You could also check his reviews online to determine if he has a great winning record.

The tips above are certain to aid you in selecting the best Atlanta personal injury lawyer to sort out your legal requirements.