A protest is planned for the Atlanta pawn shop that is said to have sold a gun used in a deadly midtown shooting.

One woman was killed and two other were shot in the incident, and one of those victims has been left paralyzed.

Former state Rep. Able Mable Thomas told Channel 2’s Diana Davis on Wednesday she wants that pawn shop, Northside Jewelry and Loan, to make a bold move and stop selling guns.

“This area don’t need no more guns. We ask you please do not sell guns in the area because it is a deadly mix,” Thomas said.

Atlanta police said the suspect in the deadly shooting at a midtown parking garage, Nkosi Thandiwe, bought the gun used in the crime at the shop.

Police said the Northside Jewelry and Loan followed the rules required for selling guns. The mayor’s office said the shop cooperated in the homicide investigation.

Protesters fought the shop’s plan to sell guns more than a year ago before it opened. Now Thomas said she’ll be back with a new protest Thursday afternoon.

Neighborhood resident Keith Robinson told Davis he doesn’t think a protest against this one pawn shop is fair. “It’s just a scapegoat really. Guns ain’t bad. It’s the people that have the guns. You see what I’m saying?” Robinson said.

Robinson told Davis he didn’t know the pawn shop was the one that sold the gun to the suspect in the shooting. He told Davis “That’s cold blooded, but it still got nothing to do with the gun store.”

No one from the pawn shop wanted to talk on camera.

In an email, the owners expressed sympathy to the families of those killed or injured in the shooting.

They described the shooting as a horrible act of random violence.