Upset airline passengers accuse President Barack Obama of “putting politics over passengers” at the nation’s airports.

A group of activists gathered at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Thursday to make their feelings known.

Critics have blamed thousands of flight delays and cancellations this week on air traffic controller furloughs in response to forced spending cuts, which is known as the sequester .   

Protestors say the president has the power to direct the FAA to ease the impact of the furloughs.

“The White House and the DOT and ultimately the FAA are hurting the American air travelers out of political spite because Congress stood fast on the Sequester cuts last month and ultimately Congress, at least at this point, is saying we don’t feel good about spending more in your budget this year,” said Joel Aaron of Americans for Prosperity.

The FAA says will it furlough 47,000 employees through the end of the fiscal year in September to meet the required spending cuts.