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Hurt in a Boat Accident?

Every year in the US thousands of people are injured and many die in boating accidents. Oftentimes these accidents result in severe injuries, unpaid medical bills, lost wages, and permanent disabilities. The Georgia Boat Accident Lawyers at Jonathan W. Johnson LLC, are experienced in handling cases arising from boating accidents as well as personal watercraft accidents (Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Sea-Doo). If you or a loved one has been injured in a boat accident, Call us now to help you with any legal assistance you might need, we always offer Free Consultation. (404) 689-9285 – Georgia Boat Accident Lawyer

Atlanta Georgia Boat Accident Lawyer

Some of the major causes of recreational boating accidents are operator inattention, careless/reckless boat operation, excessive speed, inappropriate passenger/skier behavior, alcohol, and improper lookout. These negligent acts and others cause boats to capsize or collide. They may result in flooding, fire and explosion. When boat operators are careless, skiers may be struck by propellers or the vessels towing them. Passengers may fall overboard. From time to time, negligently designed boats and defective boating equipment can also cause accidents which give rise to claims against manufacturers.

At Jonathan W. Johnson Georgia Boat Accident Lawyer we know how to investigate boating accidents and evaluate the validity of claims that arise from them. They focus on answering critical questions which may determine the validity of your case:

  • Was the defendant operator of the boat intoxicated at the time of the accident?
  • Was he operating his boat at an excessive speed for the circumstances and conditions?
  • Was he turning too sharply in close proximity to another vessel?
  • Was he in compliance with Georgia Administrative Code regulations regarding the safe operation of watercraft?

If the defendant was operating a personal watercraft such as Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or Wave Runner:

  • Was the defendant speeding or weaving across the water unsafely?
  • Was he following or crossing the path of another vessel too closely?
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