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Georgia Trucking accidents frequently cause more severe injuries than automobile accidents and often result from driver fatigue. 

Tractor trailers are highly regulated and governed by specific laws related to driver qualifications and rest periods. Further, most tractor trailers have higher insurance limits than automobiles, with insurance limits typically over $500,000.

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Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers

Many modern trucks have computers built into the vehicle which record data about the vehicle, including its speed at the time an accident occurs. 

We are able to retrieve that data and use accident reconstructionist to determine how an accident occurred.

In cases of extremely severe injuries, we have pursued the assets of trucking companies and/or their individual owners where the available insurance was not adequate to compensate the injured persons.

Because truck operators work long hours, oftentimes they are pressured to complete their route by any necessary means.

This results in negligence behind the wheel. Drivers are required to obey federal laws involving time on the road, they also have to take breaks and their loads.

Federal and state laws protects automobile drivers and holds trucking companies liable for driver negligence.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is important that you call only experienced Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers like Jonathan W. Johnson, LLC to investigate your case. 

At Jonathan Johnson LLC, we represent Georgia and metro Atlanta residents who have been injured in trucking accidents. We handle all truck accident cases on a contingency basis.

We offer FREE consultations. We focus on creating your case to get the money you deserver.

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Our Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers handle all types of Georgia truck accident claims, including:

• Lack of Reflectors and Poor Visibility
• Aggressive Driving or Improper Lane Change
• Rear-End, Head-On Crashes and Jackknives
• Dangerous Roads
• Poor Maintenance, including Tires and Brakes
• DWI / Drug Use
• Driver Fatigue
• Unsecured Loads or Unsecured Cargo

Experienced Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers

When an 18-wheeler hits another car resulting damage, as well as personal injury, is invariably tragic. 

With millions of delivery trucks in America continuously pushing to make limited target dates, mishaps in this industry are typical.

In fact, a bigger trucking business actually keeps a group of accident feedback attorneys on retainer to keep their legal prices down.

If you have been associated with a vehicle trucking accident in Atlanta or in the Georgia, you will certainly need a group of experienced Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers to guarantee you are completely made up for your losses.

The Law office of Jonathan W. Johnson has several of the top Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia.

Avoiding Truck Accidents

Vehicle crashes are lethal and also, not surprisingly, it is usually not the vehicle driver of the truck who experiences the casualty.

In point of truth, the fatality price for guests of cars associated with vehicle crashes is 5 times above it is for the truck drivers.

The trucking market is greatly kept an eye on to make sure legislated safety and security techniques are applied. For example, a trucker can not drive for more than 70 hrs each week and need to take a 30-minute break after the very first 8 hrs of driving.

Recent laws established by the Division of Transport are expected to save 19 lives and also prevent approximately 1,400 collisions per year, just by controlling vehicle driver rest periods.

Obtaining Full Compensation for our Clients

Full payment implies various points to both sides of a claim. The lawyer team from the trucking firm has the purpose to restrict their client’s financial commitment.

This is in direct opposition to the most effective interests of our client. That is why we prepare a very detailed list of current as well as future expenses, backed up by a specialist study that is extremely difficult for the opposing lawyers to squash.

There are lots of points to think about when anticipating what future needs will be there. For those drastically wounded, there may be expenses not immediately connected with the accident. Your Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers can help you fight for your compensation. 

Beside the common loss of earnings calculation, job retraining might also be required. A considerable remodeling to suit a mobility device might be needed to enable a vehicle accident victim to stay in his or her home.

There are lots of various other situations where payment will certainly be required. 

The Law Office of Jonathan W. Johnson is a leading Atlanta law office of personal injury attorneys with experienced sources to manage the accident feedback team of the trucking business and the insurer. 

Our team will guarantee that critical proof from the collision scene, such as the chauffeur’s log book, is maintained and also will certainly determine and speak with eyewitnesses.

We employ well respected crash scene professionals to reconstruct the crash scene to make certain the blame is not shifted to you. 

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Rollover Crashes

Rollover crashes compose a huge percent of truck crashes. These sorts of crashes occur for a number of reasons including a collision with one more car, overlooking ramp speed, roadway conditions as well as unexpected guiding maneuvers.

The National Freeway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) has recently settled a policy calling for digital stability control (ESC) systems be mounted on hefty vehicles as well as buses evaluating greater than 26,000 extra pounds.

ESC systems are made to make use of an automated computer system managed to stop in scenarios where the vehicle driver can not act promptly sufficient to prevent a rollover. 

This technology has actually been mandated for cars and also light trucks, considering that 2012 and crash stats are already mirroring the success of this modern technology.

As soon as this guideline is completely executed over the following few years, it is estimated that it will protect against 40 to 56% of rollover crashes not triggered by hitting a curb or a crash. 

This rule is additionally approximated to avoid 14% of the loss of control crashes. Generally, the guideline is expected to avoid around 1,600 collisions, 575 injuries and also 45 fatalities.

Being involved in a crash triggered by a rollover generally causes significant injury which might need payment to manage costs that surpass instant clinical expenses. Obtaining the funds for future expenditures requires a relentless vehicle accident lawyer.

Atlanta homeowners who require personal depiction in a vehicle accident can count on the Truck Accident Lawyers at Jonathan W. Johnson. They have actually an extremely valued vehicle accident lawyer preparation group that is ready to assist you.

Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers

Sources Of Vehicle Accidents

Driver error is the typical reason for vehicle accidents in Atlanta, Georgia. Negligent actions can include:

  • Tiredness– falling short to take regulated breaks as well as driving too many hours daily or week.
  • Drugs & Alcohol– taking medicines to suffer energy which interfere with judgment or having even one drink which is unlawful for a business motorist
  • Infractions of uploaded rate limitations or speeding in connection with driving conditions
  • Poorly educated chauffeurs– driving a business automobile without being appropriately educated as well as licensed
  • Various other reasons consist of inappropriate upkeep of the vehicle and also the trailer, producer oversight, as in defective brakes, as well as corporate schedules that cause violations of Department of Transportation “Hrs of Safety Regulations”.
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