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We are a law firm that helps people injured in fires in apartments, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, condominiums, warehouses, and other business establishments. 

Many people are needlessly injured in such fires because landlords or operators did not obey the fire code and placed them at unnecessary risk. 

We also represent firefighters and emergency responders injured while responding to fires which were the result of negligence or arson.

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Atlanta Apartment Fire Lawyers

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While most personal injury cases are resolved through direct negotiations with an insurance company, sometimes a matter cannot be satisfactorily settled without going to court. 

Should your case require a trial, Jonathan W. Johnson, LLC may enlist experts in medicine, forensics, engineering or other fields to aggressively represent your legal interests in the courtroom, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

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There is no substitute for enlisting the aid of a competent, professional law firm to guide you through the intricacies of the complex legal system and to advocate on your behalf after you experienced an apartment fire, or death of a loved one after an apartment fire.

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Atlanta Apartment Fire Lawyers

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Most apartment fires result because the landlord was not following the fire code, or because the landlord was permitting other occupants of the apartment to violate the fire code.

These violations can be identified and proved with the right professionals. Our Apartment Fire attorneys are here to fight for your rightful compensation if you were injured, or a loved one was killed, in an apartment fire accident. 

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Landlords who are negligent in maintaining their buildings are liable for damages to those who they injure or kill. Damages which may be recovered include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium for injury to a spouse.

If someone is killed as a result of an apartment fire, their survivors may be entitled the “full value of the life” of their family member.

In many cases, injuries are sustained when tenants or guests leap from high-level balconies to escape fires.

In most cases, damages caused by apartment fires are covered by liability insurance. We are able to assist clients in determining the amount of available insurance coverage and presenting claims to insurance carriers.

In the event a settlement cannot be reached, our Atlanta Apartment Fire Lawyers are able to take your case to trial.

Fires, Explosions and Burns May Be Caused By Such Problems As:
  • Unsafe products, including flammable furniture, bedding, defective portable heaters, faucets and other defective products that are fire, explosion, burn or scald hazards
  • Failure to install or maintain safety equipment such as smoke detectors, alarms and sprinklers
  • Failure to safely install electrical wiring or gas lines
  • Failure to “odorize” LP/natural gas
  • Failure to provide appropriate warnings and instructions
  • Failure to comply with federal, state or local safety codes
  • Improper Use of Cooking Devices
  • Improper use of small, open flame ignition sources such as candles, lighters and matches
  • Failure to properly mark emergency exits.

In most cases, the cause and origin of the fire is determined by the local fire marshal, but on occasion it is necessary to retain our own cause and origin expert witnesses to determine the cause of a fire. 

Our experienced Atlanta Apartment Fire Lawyers can help you navigate our network of expert witnesses to make the right call. 

Local Hospital Visits


We are able to come to your hospital, and have often gone to area hospitals such as Grady Memorial Hospital, Gwinnett Medical Center, Dekalb Medical Center, Emory University Hospital, Kennestone Hospital, Atlanta Medical Center, Rockdale County Hospital, Douglas County Hospital, Cobb Hospital, Crawford Long Hospital, Henry Medical Center, Newnan Hospital, Northside Hospital, North Fulton Regional Hospital, Piedmont Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Shepherd Center, Southern Regional Medical Center, Spalding Regional Hospital, as well as all other Georgia treatment facilities.


Types of Injuries


We have assisted clients with wrongful death cases, burn injuries, smoke inhalation, brain injury cases, closed head injury cases, fractured arms, fractured legs, fractured hips, and internal organ injuries. We are also able to represent clients for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Loss of Consortium


A person married to someone injured in an accident may recover for loss of consortium, which is damage done to the marital relationship due to the injury.