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If you or a loved one has been injured or has died because of an Airplane Accident Call Us Now. We offer Free Consultation and have highly experienced aviation accident attorneys.

We understand that if you have been injured in an airplane accident it is hard to recover in such hard times. We are here to help you with our experience to recover for your losses.

Boeing & Airbus Aircraft Failure Attorneys

We have experience with airplane crashes caused by mechanical failures on Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft. These are products liability cases governed by the laws that apply to products liability.

Often, jurisdiction of an aviation accident may involve a combination of local, state, federal, and even international laws. For this reason, people who have been victims of a plane crash need an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent their claims.

At the Law Office of Jonathan W. Johnson, LLC, we know the tragedy a plane crash or helicopter crash brings. If you have lost a loved one in one of these traumatic accidents, our firm can help you make sense of the overwhelming number of questions that may arise, such as who should be held responsible and which government agency is in charge of investigating the matter.


International air travel has become cheaper than ever before, because of this the number of International flights has increased exponentially in the last few years. Unfortunately, when tragedy strikes on an international flight, passengers and their loved ones are left with a daunting journey to seek compensation for catastrophic losses.

Although every airplane accident claim is complicated, International crashes and incidents require an even more in-depth knowledge base.

International aviation cases have to take into consideration many different factors such as global treaties, including the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions, and also evaluation of a broader range of jurisdictions to determine where to try the case.

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Jonathan W. Johnson has a wealth of experience handling aviation accident cases, both throughout the United States and internationally.
Commercial Aviation Accidents

Commercial aviation accident cases are unique because it is usually easy to establish liability for the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) generally conducts an extensive investigation immediately after any such crash to determine its cause.

Accordingly, at the Law Offices of Jonathan W. Johnson we strongly believe that in this situation the vast majority of any recovery should go to the victims’ families rather than to pay attorneys. Our job in those cases is primarily to deal with the damages issues which are unique to each client.

Experienced Aviation Accident Lawyer

Mr. Johnson began his legal career as a plane crash attorney with a leading plaintiff’s aviation accident law firm based in New York City. 

He also understands aviation accident cases from the defense perspective, having worked on the defense aspects of aviation cases as an associate with a major Southeastern 400-attorney law firm. Mr. Johnson’s areas of expertise include:

  • Commercial Aviation Accidents
  • General Aviation Cases
  • Aviation Accident Litigation Experience

We have also handled numerous aviation accident cases involving private aircraft. Common causes for these types of accidents include pilot error, manufacturing defects of the plane, and violation of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regulations.

General Aviation Cases

Our considerable expertise in the area enables us to conduct a thorough investigation of your case, where we gather all the critical items of evidence and consult the most qualified experts to help you and your family obtain the recovery you deserve.



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Aviation Accident Litigation Experience

As a plaintiff’s attorney or defense attorney, Mr. Johnson has been involved in litigation of the following well-known commercial aviation accident cases:

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380
* Pan Am 103, involving the bombing of a 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland
* TWA Flight 800, Atlantic Ocean Near East Moriches, New York, July 17, 1996
* Air Force CT-43A (civilian B-737), Dubrovnik, Croatia, 1996
* ValuJet Flight 592 case involving the crash in the Everglades, Florida
* American Eagle ATR 72, near Roselawn, Indiana
* Delta Airlines MD-88, Flight 1288, Pensacola, Florida, 1996
* American Airlines Flight 242 (passenger injuries caused by severe turbulence)
* Numerous private aircraft accidents, including helicopter accidents
* Cessna 310, passenger deaths and injuries, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2004
* Charter plane crash, three Americans and two Canadians killed, Venezuela 2001

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