ATLANTA — Atlanta police say a group of thieves in disguise are hitting homes, and have even struck a church twice.

So far, police told Channel 2 Action News reporter Erica Byfield that they know of at least 10 break-ins.

While investigators aren’t linking all of the cases, they said there are some similarities.

Byfield visited one southeast Atlanta neighborhood where residents say the disguise kept some of them from calling police.

Mark McPherson said he wasn’t home at the time of the theft, but his brother in law was.

“He was getting ready to take a shower and he heard the AC unit cut off. He looked out the window and saw these guys with a van backed in our back yard,” McPherson said.

“They jumped out in hard hats and reflective vests … like they were official people there working,” said McPherson.

McPherson said he was already planning to secure his unit.

“We’d been planning on getting one of these cages that go over your AC unit or whatever, but we just had not got to it,” McPherson said.

At Mennonite Church on Bouldercrest, the AC cage didn’t seem to help.

Police said someone took the cage and AC unit. The second time, police said the thieves left the replacement cage, but took the other unit.

The thefts occurred during a three week period, according to Atlanta police. In that time frame, 10 AC units were stolen in east Atlanta and beyond.

At one house, it seemed the AC unit wasn’t enough. Police said someone with sticky fingers also stole the kitchen cabinets and burglar doors.

If you have any information on the thefts, Atlanta police want to hear from you.