An elementary school teacher who walked down the halls naked would have faced more trouble if students had been present, Morrow police said.

Harlan Porter, 31, was arrested and faces a public indecency charge. A Clayton County judge recently found probable cause to move the case forward.

Morrow police said they were called to B.C. Haynie Elementary School because of complaints about a naked employee walking down the hallway right after school let out.

“One of the coaches saw him in the hallway completely nude and escorted him to the teacher’s lounge,” Capt. James Calloway said.

Police arrived and said they found Porter in the teacher’s lounge, still nude. They began to question him.

“He was speaking of having a new age of enlightenment and he could see clearly now that his third eye was open,” Calloway said.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones asked if Porter told officers what that meant?

“He did not, but we did say that it’s probably not a good idea to show his third eye to the public,” Calloway said.

Jones went by Porter’s home but no one answered the door.

After talking with Porter, officers learned that the district notified him three days earlier that they were terminating his employment contract. Police also said no students were in the building when Porter decided to go au naturale.

He would have faced more serious trouble if students had been present.

“He would have been looking at a potential child molestation charge,” Calloway said.

Porter’s co-workers said he didn’t drink or do drugs and was a strict vegan. But the day of the incident, they saw him eating tacos from Taco Bell and drinking a Coke.

School officials had no comment about the incident, calling it a personnel matter.