Gwinnett County police have arrested a mother they said stole thousands of dollars in pageant gowns and formal dresses from a Gwinnett County boutique, using her children as a decoy to pull it off.

The store manager told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh that surveillance cameras caught it all on tape.

While strutting beauty queens, moms and daughters often flock to the Girli Girl Boutique on Main Street in Buford, twice this month police said the woman came with other intentions.

“She would have her kids running around and kind of being her eyes for her,” said store manager Micah Smith.

Smith said the woman told them she was shopping for pageant gowns for her daughters. But, employees later realized several gowns were missing that they never sold. So they reviewed the surveillance video.

“She rolled up the dress and put it in her bag and then would leave the bag here (store) so it wouldn’t look like anything was wrong,” Smith said.

According to arrests warrants obtained by Channel 2 Action News, Gwinnett County police believe the woman took six dresses during two visits on June 4 and 6, stealing nearly $5,000 worth of merchandise. They described the dresses as formal dresses and pageant gowns.

“This isn’t easy to steal,” Smith said.

Smith showed Kavanaugh a handmade dress with detail with a $1,500 price tag.

Gwinnett police and sheriff’s deputies tracked down 37-year-old Elizabeth Pack in South Carolina.

She is jail there now but will soon face charges in Gwinnett County.

“She messed with the wrong people,” Smith said.

The store manager said it’s a lucky break they installed surveillance cameras just a few weeks ago. Pack is charged with two counts of theft by shoplifting and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.