An intruder was shot and killed after a confrontation with a Duluth woman in her shower Wednesday morning, Gwinnett police said.

Police said the woman was alone at the time of the attack. She lives on East Mount Tabor Circle in Duluth.

The woman was getting out of the shower when she was met by a strange man with a kitchen knife, police said. They said there was a struggle in the bathroom, and she fell in the tub.

The woman managed to get out of the tub, and the scuffle moved to her bedroom, police said. They said she grabbed a .22 handgun and shot the man multiple times.

Police said the man ran out of a backdoor and collapsed in the yard. He later died at the Gwinnett Medical Center. The victim, who was injured in the scuffle, was also taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. She is described as middle-aged woman, but police have not released her name.

A neighbor, who said her home has been broken into twice in 11 years, told Channel 2’s Tom Regan the victim was courageous.

“I would’ve done the same thing myself if I had a gun,” Marsha Day said.

Gwinnett police spokesman Edwin Ritter said the shooting investigation was ongoing but defended the victim, saying the shooting appeared to be justified, and she acted in self-defense. He said there are no plans to charge her.