Police identified a body found in a wooded area as a missing Gwinnett County woman on Monday, and named her husband as a suspect in her death.Volunteers found the body of 44-year-old Nique Leili on Saturday morning just minutes after they started a search in the woods near the Oak Village subdivision.The mother of three girls disappeared on July 9. Family members told Channel 2 Action News her husband, Matt, did not notify police of her disappearance for two days.

And he filed for divorce and she’d been gone for four days. She didn’t take her car or her cell phone or anything, and he told me that they’d had a huge fight, Amy Elk, Nique Leili’s sister, told Channel 2 on Saturday.Police said Matt Leili told them on Friday he had obtained a lawyer and refused to answer their questions and would not allow police to talk to the family’s children. Nique Leili’s body was found the next morning. Police said Leili is not the only suspect, but the only suspect they are prepared to name at this time.

Elk said the medical examiner asked for dental records because the body was in really, really bad shape. Police are not releasing the cause of death.

The couple has three daughters ages 19, 12 and 9 years old. Elk said she did not know where Leili or the children were.”I’m afraid for them. I don’t know what they’ve been told. I don’t know what he’s capable of,” she said.

Elk said the couple had a history of fighting and Leili told her his wife ran off after they had an argument. Police confirmed to Channel 2’s Sophia Choi the couple had a history of domestic disputes and officers were called to the home recently.