Atlanta police said a driver who hit a power pole Sunday had bought heroin and was administering it when he lost control of his vehicle.

Michael Sweeny was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for an overdose and later arrested and charged with possession of heroin.

The wreck occurred Sunday afternoon outside a gas station at Northside Drive and Joseph E. Boone Boulevard in northwest Atlanta.

Witnesses said an emergency crew who happened to be at the right place at the right time rescued Sweeny from the vehicle, which was hanging from the power pole.

“The Grady people, they were trying to get some gas here,” said gas station employee Laran Rana.

A witness told Channel 2 Action News reporter Erica Byfield that the car didn’t make much noise before ending up on the power pole.

“It just happened so quick. I was watching outside. There was nothing, and then within a second, there was a car up on a wire,” said Rana.

Rana said the man in the driver’s seat was passed out.

The EMS crew broke out the back window and pulled the man out of the car.

Visitors were left to wonder just how the man managed to get his car on the wire.

“It was crazy. Everybody was laughing out there. Everyone was coming in and asking me how it could happen and I have no idea,” said Rana.