Authorities said a car maybe the key to solving a string of burglaries in one southeast Atlanta neighborhood.

In recent weeks, several people have reported seeing a silver or gray Dodge Charger prior to break-ins.

What’s surprising about these break-ins is they are happening in the middle of the day and victims said the robber gets in by kicking in the doors.

“It happened to me twice in about five weeks span,” Roy Anderson said. Anderson said the robber broke into his home and stole his giant flat screen TV that was mounted on his wall.

Now he’s back to having a box TV.

His one of several homes someone’s targeted in recent weeks.

Anderson lives on Clifton Road. There are also reports of break-ins on Rogers Street and Clay Street, all in southeast Atlanta, police said.

Someone broke into Ryan Poplician’s house about a week ago. “It probably took them 10 seconds to kick in the door,” he said.

Poplician thought his 80-pound boxer and alarm system would keep crooks away, but it didn’t.

“Witness down the street say they saw a gray or sliver newer model dodge charger backed up in the driveway,” Anderson said.

Neighbors also said the driver of that Dodge Charger was in and out in 30 seconds.

Since the break-in, Poplician said he added a storm door and steel reinforcement to his door jam. As it turns out, he’s not the only one making improvements.

From now on, Anderson said his dog will be out of her crate, and he too will have storm doors.

“I will be well protected, so I don’t think anyone is going to want to break in here,” Anderson said.

Word about the suspected driver was traveling around the area.

The man in the car was said to have a large tattoo on his neck.