CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police responding to a home invasion call in Clayton County said they found a large stash of drugs and cash, then arrested the victims of a robbery.

Clayton County police raided a home on Evans Drive in Rex on Tuesday night after someone called to report the home invasion.

“Once they did respond, it was determined that they did find some individuals that were actually holding someone possibly hostage. We got those individuals into custody. As we searched the home, we did find four individuals that were being held with duct tape,” said Clayton County police Capt.

Tina Daniel.Responding officers initially thought the home also housed a methamphetamine lab, but officials from the Drug Enforcement Agency said the drug was not being manufactured inside.Daniel said officers also found a stolen car on the property. Police arrested eight people and led them out in handcuffs as relatives watched, according to Channel 2’s Eric Philips.”It’s pretty ironic when you become the victim, but you’re the criminal.

So that puts a whole other spin on it,” said Daniel.Police have not released the names of the people in custody or potential charges.