An Athens-area pastor jailed in Jamaica after airport authorities said they found a bullet in his bag returned to metro Atlanta on Friday.

Steven Carter was greeted by more than 20 church members who gathered at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Many were holding hand-painted signs that read “welcome home.”

“It was very interesting to say the least. The vacation aspect was fantastic. We had a great time, and Tuesday morning on was a little bit different experience,” said Carter.

Carter, 26, was returning to Atlanta from a family vacation in Jamaica with his wife, Erin, when he was detained for two hours before he was told that authorities found a .22 caliber bullet wedged in the seam of his carry-on.

Carter serves as the youth minister for The Church at Southside in Jackson County.

Church officials told Channel 2’s Jeff Dore that Jamaican prosecutors were prepared to charge Carter with transporting ammunition or terrorism, but after news reports drew attention to the story, the courts quickly processed Carter and ordered his release. If found guilty, Carter could have faced seven years in prison.

Church members told Dore that they’re relieved Carter was released so quickly.

“It was an emotional roller coaster, and now it’s just elation,” said Celinda Wilson.