Amanda Dove admits she drove the getaway car the day Luis Porras shot and killed a mother of four, but she walked out of jail a free woman on Friday.

“There’s no justice in this,” said Denise James. James is the sister of Jameelah Qureshi who was shot and left to die in the driveway of her Lithonia home Aug 15, 2009. Prosecutors said Poras murdered Qureshi because she would not let him date her daughter.

Dove faced the same murder charge that put Poras behind bars for life without parole, but got a lesser sentence after her testimony against him.

Dove pleaded guilty to just three charges, including accessory after the fact, and Judge Clarence Seeliger sentenced her to serve 15 years on probation in addition to the four months of jail she served after her arrest.

“If you had not made your testimony, Mr. Poras would be on the streets today,” Seeliger said.

Channel 2’s Diana Davis reported that Qureshi’s family wept inside the courtroom as Seeliger read the sentence.

“She participated in the murder. She knew exactly what she was doing. It doesn’t bring any justice to this family,” said James. “It’s August the 15th all over again. Our hearts are broken,” she added.

mother of four murdered in dekalb

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Jameelah Qureshi

Dove’s lawyer told Davis his client was deceived by Poras and that he used her as tool in his murder plot.

“Ms. Dove weighed about 300 pounds and had very low self-esteem. He paid extraordinary attention to her and caused her to do things that ended up working into his plan,” said attorney David Wolfe.

Dove did not offer an apology during the hearing.