Metro Atlanta drivers who are going green will soon have new options to fill up alternative fuel vehicles.

PS Energy Group announced it’s partnering with oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens to make natural gas fueling stations available near several major Atlanta thoroughfares.

“No later than the end of October. All four of our stations are going to be upgraded, revamped and ready to serve the consumer with compressed natural gas,” company fleet saleswoman Andrea Whisenhunt told Channel 2’s Jim Strickland.

Carrie Okochi is one of the residents happy about the new stations. She told Strickland she lives in Cobb County, but fuels her truck in southwest Atlanta at a self-serve outlet owned by PS Energy Group.

“Pretty much the same as gasoline, except for the price,” explained Carrie Okochi as she pumped fuel into her CNG-fueled pickup truck. Okochi told Strickland her price equates to less than $2.19 per gallon.

“It’s just great, considering gas will be $4 a gallon by Memorial Day,” she said.

The city of Atlanta is using 46 CNG vehicles. The trucks were purchased using a $15 million federal grant to help make natural gas a true fuel alternative.

“It’s local, domestic fuel supply, which lessens our dependence on foreign oil. It’s just a good business deal all around,” said Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza.

Buying a used government vehicle is one of the easiest ways to get a CNG vehicle, which is what Okochi did.

“Every dollar I can save is more money I can put back into Atlanta,” she said.