ATLANTA — Bianca Clayborne, A mother of five from Atlanta, is initiating legal action against the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, alleging that the agency wrongfully detained her family and placed her five children in foster care for nearly two months.

Clayborne has filed a federal lawsuit against Tennessee DCS.

She is claiming that her children, aged four months to seven years, were taken from her while the family was traveling to a funeral on February 17, 2023, as outlined in court documents.

Documents indicate that the family’s journey, en route to Chicago, took an unexpected turn, transforming into a distressing ordeal as they passed through Tennessee.

Highway Patrol Troopers halted her vehicle and detained the family for two-and-a-half hours in near-freezing temperatures, as outlined in the court filing, citing her for possessing a small quantity of marijuana.

The lawsuit contends that DCS illegally detained and interrogated the entire family, coercively compelled Clayborne to attempt a urine sample, and directed officers to deploy spike strips around the vehicle while securing an ex parte order clandestinely and improperly to remove Clayborne’s children from her custody.

Subsequently, the troopers unlawfully prevented her and her children from leaving, escorting the entire family to Coffee County Jail via a police caravan to transfer them to the Department of Children’s Services (DCS), according to the document.