A masked man, dressed in what one neighbor described as a Power Ranger costume, has residents in the north Fulton County city of Milton doubling their burglary protections.

Masked Man In ‘Power Ranger’ Costume Puts Residents On Edge

At 8:20 p.m. Saturday, a family on Roxbury Row was watching television with their house lights off when the front doorbell rang.

They told Channel 2’s Jeff Dore that they noticed their backyard motion detector switched on.

They didn’t answer the door but checked the video from their front-door security camera. What they saw was alarming — a person wearing a black ski mask and what appeared to be a silvery outfit from neck to toes. One neighbor said it appeared to be a motorcycle jacket and pants.

The homeowner e-mailed the photo to eight friends. They forwarded the picture to others and now it appears to have gone all over Milton. Dore spoke with neighbors in other subdivisions who are locking the gates to their communities, installing security systems on their homes and adding security video cameras.

Channel 2 contacted Milton police to learn more about what happened.

A spokesman said they basically had a case of a suspicious-looking person ringing a doorbell but no evidence that any crime had been committed.