MARIETTA, Ga. — A man disguised himself as a Walmart store employee to commit an early-morning robbery, according to Marietta police.

Police told Channel 2’s Amanda Cook the man walked into the store on Cobb Parkway at 5 a.m. on Wednesday dressed in a Walmart shirt and cap.The robber then hid in the customer service area until the first employee arrived.

“She was caught totally by surprise because she was just showing up for work, as many of us do every day,” said Detective Gwen Lewis.

The man pulled a gun on the woman and forced his way into a store office before taking cash, Lewis said.The robber then casually walked out the front of the store and headed toward Terrell Mill Road, according to Lewis.

“It was definitely very bold, it was obviously very well thought-out,” said Lewis. Police are not sure if the man is a current or former Walmart employee.

Authorities released a photo of the man captured by security cameras. Police told Cook the woman who was robbed was not injured.