Cobb County police said a drunken driver died on impact after he slammed into another driver.

SLIDESHOW: Cobb Police Investigate Fatal Car Accident

Just moments before the crash, the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office received several reports of a man driving erratically, but they couldn’t find him in time.

Channel 2’s Craig Lucie visited the crash site on Cheatham Road in Acworth and was there as officers pulled a pill bottle out of his car and poured the pills in their hands to take a closer look.

They also scrolled through his cellphone to see if he was texting.

Police said a woman was driving in her SUV and as she turned up on a hill, a drunken driver slammed into her head-on.

For nearly an hour, Cobb County firefighters worked to pull the man from his mangled Chevy Cavalier.

Police said he was drunk, driving erratically and veered off into oncoming traffic, at which point he slammed into the woman’s SUV.

Paramedics rushed her to Kennestone Hospital to be checked out.

Investigators said the man who hit her died immediately.

Neighbors say Cheatham Road in Acworth is dangerous enough as it is.

“If you’re not familiar with it, it is,” said William Smith.

After Smith learned that police believe the driver was under the influence, it made him even more upset.

“They are putting their own life in jeopardy and all the rest of us that are on the road,” said Smith.

Police said the man lives nearby. They were in the process of contacting his family Friday night to tell them what happened.