Police said they were searching for two men accused of robbing and killing a man in northwest Atlanta early Saturday morning.

The man was fatally shot right in front of a row of homes, but police said they are having a hard time getting information.

The man was walking on the sidewalk when police said one, maybe two men, shot and robbed him.

Neighbors told Channel 2’s Rebecca Lindstrom they hear gunfire too often to pay attention to it. Others said its fear that keeps them quiet.

“People are fearful for their lives with all these tragedies that are going on,” neighbor Gloria Smith said.

Smith lives along Mayson Turner Road, which is where police found the man in his mid-to late-40s on the sidewalk early Saturday morning. He had been shot at least twice.

“We have spoken to witnesses who have indicated it might have been a possible robbery by at least two individuals who fled the scene after the shooting. At this time, we are looking for anybody else who may have information or have seen anybody running from the area,” Lt. Paul Guerrucci with the Atlanta Police Department said.

Police got the initial tip from a 911 call, but once they got into the neighborhood they said the trail went cold.

Investigators said the man didn’t have any ID. They said if he had a wallet, it was gone. And if neighbors saw anything, they weren’t talking.

“When you live in a community so long and hear gunshots all the time you don’t know whether it’s real or just people playing with guns,” Smith said.

Smith said she’s been trying to get families in the Washington Park neighborhood to keep a better eye out for each other and to speak out when they see something wrong.

Its advice she hopes doesn’t come too late to solve the victim’s slaying.

“I think the police says it best. ‘If you see something, say something. If you hear something, call somebody,’ ” Smith said.