JONESBORO, Ga. — Authorities say a photo-filled phone led them to a man later cited for driving his truck into a Clayton County home and then driving away.

Clayton County Police Officer Otis Willis says authorities cited Barney Bernard Phelps with three counts of striking a fixed object, driving while his license was suspended and failure to maintain lane stemming from the Saturday incident.

Authorities say a white 1998 Chevrolet 2500 pickup truck struck a home in Ellenwood then left the scene. Nobody was injured.

Celina Nyack said she and her husband thought they heard someone kicking in their door when someone drove into their house.

“We heard a big boom and the house shook,” she told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas.

Neighbor Victoria Alfred said she came running out of her house and saw a white truck back out and dash off.

Authorities linked it to Phelps after they found a cell phone at the scene with a picture of Phelps on it.

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