A man was caught on tape shooting at a crowded gas station in Gwinnett County. Officers said he was shooting at them because he doesn’t like police.

An officer’s dash camera captured every shot fired outside the Quiktrip on Satellite Boulevard near Duluth. Police said they were there responding to an unrelated call Thursday night.

Dash camera video showed 34-year-old Frederick Huse and another man leaving the store while officers were still there. Gwinnett police Cpl. Jake Smith said one of them made taunting gestures toward the officers. Twenty minutes later, shots rang out, and customers dodged bullets.

“They can hear the bullets whizzing around their heads,” Smith said. “The bullets hit cars. They hit the Quiktrip there.”

A bullet hole marked the side of the building. Bystanders said they were terrified.

“My wife, my 6-year-old son, or I, or the police could have been shot or killed, absolutely,” Christopher McConnel told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.

Police said Huse was shooting from a nearby apartment complex. They surveyed the area and arrested him after recognizing him from the video. The man who was with Huse told officers he saw him fire the gun, police said.

Police said they took Huse’s gun from his apartment. He faces multiple counts of aggravated assault.