Forest Park police continue to search for four missing children. Police said the children’s father, who does not have custody of them, took the children and is on the run.Police questioned neighbors late Tuesday afternoon to try to find the children and 36-year-old Francisco Madrigal.

Investigators said the four range in age from 6 to 12 years old.

Authorities issued a Levi’s Call, meaning they believe the children are in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death.

Channel 2’s Craig Lucie spoke with the children’s aunt, Madie Rivera, who said the children and their mother, Miriam Rivera, were staying with her at her apartment after Miriam Rivera and Madrigal got into a fight over the weekend.

The dad came back, and he took the kids from there, Madie Rivera said.

Police said the last place Madrigal was seen was the Willow Park Apartments where he shared an apartment with Miriam Rivera.

Detectives said domestic issues between the couple sparked the kidnapping.

That surprised their neighbor Chrystal Moyet.

I would have never known that they were arguing because every time I see them they are hugging or kissing. I never thought they had any problems, said Moyet.

Police said Madrigal might be with his sister Elsa Madrigal.

But Lucie tracked down Elsa Madrigal’s cellphone number and she said that’s not true.

She offered an explanation as to why her brother took off with his kids.

We are real close. ‘always been close since we were kids, and I was the one who told my brother that the kids were by themselves at the house, said Madrigal.

Madrigal said she found the four children all alone in their apartment for two days and assured everyone that they are OK.

The kids are not in danger. I promise that. No, she said.

Elsa Madrigal was in town this past weekend and left with her boyfriend to go back to Texas. She is now driving back to Georgia to show police that she is not involved in the kidnapping.

Police are continuing to look for Francisco Madrigal and are asking for the public’s help.

Investigators said they are looking for a brown Chevy Tahoe with an Indiana license plate or a white Ford Explorer that the father and children may be in.

If anyone has seen either of the vehicles or knows of the children’s whereabouts, they are asked to call 911.