DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The lawyer representing four young men, who filed lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long, told Channel 2 Action News the lawsuits are moving forward, and she will soon begin taking depositions.

BJ Bernstein appeared in DeKalb County court Monday morning with one of the plaintiffs, Anthony Flagg, on an unrelated traffic case.Flagg, Jamal Parris, Maurice Robinson and Spencer LeGrande filed civil suits against Long, accusing him of using his spiritual authority to coerce the young men into sexual relationships.Long denied the claims in court documents, but admitted serving as a mentor to the men.Bernstein would not let Flagg talk to Channel 2’s Tom Regan, and only spoke briefly about the Long case.”We were in court last week.

Discovery is happening right now. We’re setting up deposition dates, so the litigation is proceeding,” said Bernstein.“We’re talking about getting forward and going through the case and planning for deadlines the judge set,” added Bernstein.Bernstein would not comment on any other pending lawsuits, or additional victims, according to Regan.

Flagg’s hearing for a traffic charge of following too closely was reset to Jan. 14 by the judge.