Atlanta firefighters are looking into what started a fire at a jailed Vietnam veteran’s home early Monday.

“I will say it’s suspicious. The time of morning, don’t know exactly what’s happening,” said Atlanta fire Capt. Dwayne Johnson.

Firefighters said they were called to the northwest Atlanta home on Bolton Road just after 2 a.m., but the homeowner wasn’t there. David Sturdivant was at the Fulton County Jail on aggravated assault charges. He was arrested in April after he refused to put down his gun during a police standoff, police said. Neighbors said he was just trying to defend himself against burglars on his property.

“I mean he has just had one incident after another,” Sturdivant’s friend, Bill Erquitt, said.

Erquitt said Sturdivant has been repeatedly subject to “a lot of childish pranks.” He said he has been through several break-ins, property thefts and has had his mailbox vandalized. Erquitt said his friend deserves better.

“Former marine, Vietnam veteran, wounded, purple heart, and he’s got to go through all this,” Erquitt said.

Firefighters said the home was a total loss.