Divorce will likely be in the future for the man accused of killing a Dunwoody father outside his son’s preschool.

An attorney for Ariela Neuman, estranged wife of Hemy Neuman, told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik her client intends to file for divorce now that she’s settled a separation civil case that will ensure she has access to her husband’s assets.

The agreement, signed Thursday by a Fulton County judge, means Mr. Neuman will have to forfeit all of his holdings to his wife and family.

“She’s relieved this part of this is finally over,” said Mrs. Neuman’s attorney, Esther Panitch. “She looks forward to having the assets turned over so she and her children can continue to live.”

Mrs. Neuman filed for separation in March, three months after Neuman’s arrest, alleging he was having an affair with Andrea Sneiderman, the widow of the man he’s accused of killing, Rusty Sneiderman, outside a Dunwoody preschool last November. The settlement agreement doesn’t acknowledge an affair, but Panitch said she’s confident evidence of it will come out at trial.

“Any evidence we have has been turned over to the District Attorney’s office,” she said.

Panitch said her client would wait to file for divorce, in part, because staying married to Neuman will give her the privilege not to have to testify for or against her husband at his criminal trial.

“It’s a question of when it’s best for her,” said Panitch.

Neuman’s civil attorney, Joe Winter, told Petchenik he’s “glad” the separation proceedings are over.

“It should have been over a long time ago,” he told Petchenik. “It’s the same offer we made several months ago that counsel for Ms. Neuman has now finally accepted.”