GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Gwinnett County police and representatives from the Drug Enforcement Administration swarmed a suspected drug house in Norcross.

Authorities also called in the hazmat team to clean up.The rain happened at a home on Newbuy Road near Beaver Run Road.Channel 2 Action News reporter Kerry Kavanaugh was there as hazmat crews hauled off several large barrels.

Kavanaugh said investigators first arrived at the house Monday afternoon, and continued combing the scene for evidence through Tuesday morning.A source close to the investigation told Kavanaugh that he believes it is a methamphetamine conversion house, and called it “one of the biggest drug busts” in Gwinnett County in a long time.

One resident told Kavanaugh that he spoke with investigators and learned there were enough chemicals inside the home “to blow the entire house.” Neighbors said they didn’t think anyone lived at the home.So far, Gwinnett police said, no arrests have been made.