Vendors who were raising money for charity have been tossed out of the Fulton County Courthouse after a Channel 2 Action News investigation revealed some of them allegedly had counterfeit goods for sale.

The vendors had set up shop in the atrium of the courthouse, just a few feet from a security checkpoint and a half-dozen sheriff’s deputies. They were operating bazaars as a fundraiser for the Fulton County Employees Association.

But Channel 2 filmed bogus Louis Vuitton and Coach scarves and hats being offered at a fraction the prices they would bring if the real things.

Following Channel 2’s report of illicit knock-offs allegedly being sold, Fulton officials fired off a letter to the Employees Association, stating in part, “We are greatly concerned that there are no safety measures in place” to prevent such activity.

“As a result of this incident, the County must suspend usage of Fulton County facilities for vendor bazaars indefinitely,” the letter stated.