A Gwinnett County grand jury reindicted former commissioner Kevin Kenerly on Thursday.

Kenerly will face the same charges he faced on an initial indictment that was thrown out by an appeals court in July.

The indictment includes bribery charges as well as charges for failing to disclose financial interests, according to Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh, who spent the day at the county courthouse.

Prosecutors say Kenerly failed to reveal his connection to a prominent developer who gave the commissioner 20 payments of $50,000. Kenerly voted to rezone properties owned by the developer.

An appeals court ruled that a special grand jury did not have the power to charge Kenerly, but District Attorney Danny Porter resubmitted the charges.

“There’s still information that we’re gathering. It is potentially possible there could be additional charges,’ Porter said.

Kenerly’s attorney, Pat McDonough, said he is reviewing the indictment to check its legality. McDonough told Kavanaugh he has already filed a challenge of the grand jury pool to make sure it is representative of the Gwinnett County population.