A late-night home repair ended with a house fire in DeKalb County on Wednesday.The fire broke out at a home on Braeburn Circle in Atlanta.

Siavash Saavi said he was fixing a fan in his attic when some insulation fell in his eyes. He went to the bathroom to wash it out of his eyes, but dropped a flashlight on the way. DeKalb County fire investigators said the flashlight fell in the insulation and sparked the fire.

I get out the shower, and the room is on fire.

He said he went to his bedroom to escape the flames.

Around me was so black. In front of me was a window, Saavi said. I was fading out, and I knew if I fall forward, I’m out.

So, he grabbed a chair and broke the window. He suffered cuts to his arms and legs climbing out the broken window, and a neighbor came to his side.

I just thank God my neighbor next door helped me, Saavi said.

DeKalb County firefighters extinguished the fire. Parts of the interior were damaged, but the home was still standing.

Medics treated Saavi at the scene. He may need some stitches.